A. 1.4. Prewriting: Category Matrix for Benefits of Classroom-Library Collaboration to Students, Classroom Teachers, School Librarians, and Administrators

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From the assignment sheet:

  • Use your wiki to collaboratively complete the benefits category matrix (including ideas and quotes from the testimonials, your research, and from course readings).

Classroom Teachers
School Librarians
Small group work - more individualized attention
(3rd-Grade Teacher: Judy P)
Support for inquiry-based learning
(3rd-Grade Teacher: Judy P's teaching philosophy)

Support for teachers' teaching
(Principal: Paula)

Note about coteaching:
Parallel teaching lowers the student-to-teacher ratio. Center rotations lowers it even more and with two educators in the room, two centers can be teacher-facilitated, providing more one-on-one attention to students (Moreillon 5).

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