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LS 5443: Librarians as Instructional Partners

This sample individual student wiki is specifically for students taking this course through the School of Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman's University in Denton.

I have created this wiki to give you some ideas about how you might set up your individual wiki for this course.

You can think of your wiki as an electronic portfolio and a repository or archive of your work in this course. As such, you can create pages that reflect your priorities for recording ideas, questions, and projects that you will want to return to during the course, utilize to successfully complete this course, and reuse in your future work as a school librarian.

The pages you see linked to the navigation menu on this wiki will give you some ideas of how to begin.

A. I chose wikispaces for this sample wiki because of the discussion feature. I believe it will help my (imaginary) partner and me collaborate more effectively because we will have a discussion area for each individual page. If you choose wikispaces for your individual student wiki, go to: (I have it on good authority that as you are preparing for work in K-12 schools, your wiki will qualify as a K-12 education ad-free wiki.)

B. Each of the assignment planning pages includes progressively less information and support. This is called scaffolding. At the beginning, the teacher needs to provide more support for students' learning process to ensure their success. As the learning process continues, the teacher practices a "release of control." This means that students take more and more responsibility for organizing, directing, and presenting their work.

I'm wishing you a wonder-filled journey in wiki wonderland.

Dr. M.

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