A.1.2: Portrait of a Collaborator - Judi Moreillon

Record notes and your reflection on your Needs Assessment (Hartzell) and your Jung Typology Test.

LS 5443 Course Wiki Web 2.0 Tools Page has MANY possible tools for your consideration.

Record links to some first-choice possible Web 2.0 Tools for this project.
Animoto, Glogster, and Newspaper Clipping Generator

Create the portrait and assess it with the rubric. When it's ready for prime time, upload it to this page.

Dr. M.'s Portrait of a Collaborator: Sample #1 - Animoto Video

Turn in the rubric with the top portion completed by attaching it to the Assignment Tool in Module 1.2 in Blackboard. Put the URL to your portrait in the message box.

Record the link to your A.1.2 Portrait of a Collaborator Assignment on the BB Wiki: Student Communications Page.

Dr. M.'s Portrait of a Collaborator: Sample #2 - Newspaper Clipping

How could you use additional media to make this example "sticky" in order to meet the rubric requirements?

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