A.1.4: Classroom-Library Collaboration Case Study Page

My partner is:

We will use the wiki located at:

List of possible pages linked from the shared wiki page, which will be located on one partner's wiki (and the URL for those pages can be linked to the other partner's wiki):

  1. Prewriting - Category Matrix
  2. Connections to Module I Readings: Module 1.2 Notes (jm), Module 1.2 Notes (my partner) - linked to another wiki page or on the same page as my notes in a different font.
  3. Brainstorm of Ideas for presenting this work.
  4. A.1.4 Draft
  5. A.1.4 Final - As per the rubric, the final paper is to be turned in as a five-page Word document with an additional Works Cited page.

Note: When you create additional pages, they will initially appear in your navigation menu. You may edit your navigation and remove these linked pages so that only the main sections of your wiki portfolio will be visible in your navigation. Once you edit wikispaces' automatic navigation, you must manually add all subsequent navigation links.

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